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Reporting DSA Server Errors

Cases may require some or all of the following information:

1. A detailed description of your environment. Please describe what data sources are used, how many worker machines are used, what proxies are used, what changes were made to Tableau Server or the network before the issue occurred.

2. Is a screenshot of the error messages available? If so, please attach the screenshot. If not, provide as much detail as possible about the error that was encountered.

3. Log in to Tableau Server as an Administrator. Click on Admin>Maintenance>Background Tasks. Please provide a screenshot of what is seen. If any processes have failed, hover the mouse over those processes. When the mouse is over a process, more information should display. Please take a screenshot of the additional information and attach the screenshots in a reply to this email.

4. What virus protection is running? Were any scans configured to run at the time of the system outage? Sometimes virus scans stop Tableau Server processes causing unexpected errors.

5. Please attach Tableau Server log files. We appreciate that part of the logs were sent, but to perform a full investigation we will require the full set of logs. For more details on collecting and uploading logs please review:

6. Windows Event Logs

--a. Invoke Windows Event Viewer:

- Select Start and type in eventvwr.msc

--b. Expand "Windows Logs" under "Event Viewer (Local)" on the left hand pane

--c. Export "Application" and "System" logs

- Action -> Save All Events As...

7. Date and time of most recent occurrence (useful when searching the logs).

8. MSinfo32 for the Tableau Server machine

--a. Open "Start" -> "Run" and type “msinfo32” (without the quotes) in the "Open" box.

--b. A window labeled System Information will open. Click on ‘File’ and select ‘Save…”

--c. Enter a save location, then collect the resulting .nfo file and attach it to your reply

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