Configuring for Sage 100

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By default in Sage 100, all the companies in the installation are listed in this table. The table needs to be refreshed once on installation, then set the (Finish panel) of the import wizard to Disable refresh. Then manually edit the data in SQL to delete the unneeded records and change the TableID values appropriately.

For multi-company installations, set each company's "TableID" to a unique code (three characters maximum). By default, the first comnpany is "001". Do not change this, unless you plan to also change the code in every related ETL table. In a multi-company installation, these TableID's make the records unique, and enable them to link to another and be sorted by company.

Use this same "TableID" coding when importing a new table, or setting up union tables for multi-company. The Import Wizard's Finish panel has a "Union Table" button. You can enter the Table ID there, even if no other tables will be unioned.