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As the additional companies' data sources are being added to the ETL data tables, make the TableID values (in the Union Table dialog of the Import Table Wizard) match the compid values (in Pro's syc tables).

syccomp_SY_Company table

Refresh the syccomp data one time. Then disable the refresh. In SQL Management Studio, manually edit the contents to be ONLY the company(s) desired. For single-company ETL databases, if it is not already, change the compid field to "01". (All the other tables assume that will be the compid value.)

For multicompany installations, the MultiCompany installation process needs to change the ETL data table's TableID field to correspond with the compid codes - see above.

sycrlst_SY_Attributes table

Use of this custom lists table will need to be customized for every installation.

For single company ETL databases, filter the import to only include the desired compid. Then set the TableID to "01" so that it will match the rest of the data tables.

For multi-company installations, use the compid field to link to the _tableIdKey field in the other data tables. (See MultiCompany, above.) Add this table to the first step in the Refresh Wizard's daily refresh batch (usually Batch 0).

sycdfis_SY_FiscalPeriod table

This table is not used in the Out of the Box DataSelf database. You may optionally refresh this table, if it is needed. Then either manually refresh it every year when future years get added to Pro, or add it to the daily refresh process.

However, the DataSelf ETL supplies its own fiscal year table and calculations in the SYSTEM_Calendar table from 1990 to 2030.


Inventory OH Costing

May need to change:

  1. Which costing type to use (or provide several) (Standard cost, average, etc)
  2. take the costing from ICILOC (by location) or from ICITEM

Historical Monthly On Hand

This data source depends on the ichist table being available. Alternate historical on hand options can be set up if ichist is not available.