DSAAD Remote Installation & Configuration

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Steps to Install & Setup DSA AD

Steps 1 to 5 are one-time installation procedures and tests. This is the most technical portion of the installation and configuration.

The remaining steps configure the parameter file with information about DSA views, filters, and distribution information (email recipients, email subject lines, etc).

1. Install software.
Information Needed for remote installation:
  1. Method of remote access
  2. remote access information - remote access user name & password
2. Run a test with 1 DSA view - any view, results saved on clients server computer.
Information Needed:
  1. User name & password to DSA Server.
2a. Configure static parameter file, .csv file, and bat file.
3. Configure with client's email system.
Information Needed:
  1. STMP (email) connection name
  2. port number
  3. user name & password.
4. Run a email test
- mail results from any DSA view to installer and client.

5. Install in Scheduler.

SQL Server's SQL Server Agent, Windows Task Manager or 3rd party scheduler software.
Information Needed:
  1. Logon access to SQL Server for SQL Server Agent (or alternate Windows scheduler)
5a. Test as desired.
6. Configure for a small batch of DSA views and recipients
Information Needed for each DSA View:
  1. URL from DSA server
  2. Output type (PDF or PNG)
  3. File name for output from DSA view
  4. Distribution options - Save output on computer, email, or both
Save on Computer Options
  1. Folder - complete path to destination folder for file.
Email Distribution Options
  1. Recipient email address or addresses (email to)
  2. Email from address
  3. Recipient name
  4. Subject text
  5. Email Body text
6a. Acceptance tests as desired
7. Configure for all DSA views and recipients