DSA AD For New Users

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Steps to Configuring DSA AD

  1. DataSelf installer gathers required information.
    See Required Information for DSA AD installation
  2. DataSelf staff installs the DSA AD program and configuration files on your server. (This server is usually the same server that hosts DSA / Tableau Web Server)
  3. DataSelf staff configures DSA AD and runs tests.
  4. Client creates a view in DSA Desktop and publishes the view to DSA Web Server.
  5. DataSelf configures the view with filter parameters and destination file names and/or email addresses in DSA AD.
  6. The view and DSA AD configuration is used to demonstrate DSA AD to client and to train client in it's use.
    The training will include configuring the DSA Commands Parameter file, reviewing the .bat script which ties together and runs each DSA AD 'package', and scheduling the package in SQL Server's SQL Agent.

DSA AD 'Packages'

Each package consists of the configurations and files required to run and distribute the output of at least one view. Once created the component of the package will probably require changes is the

Elements of DSA AD

Software Components

  • The server that DSA AD runs on.
  • Access to a DSA Web Server.
  • A DSA/Tableau view or dashboard running on DSA Web Server.
  • The DSA AD program and configuration files.