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When to use a Cube instead of a SQL data source

  1. parent-child dimension (Financial reports, and use Excel to control precise formatting and easily add other metrics such as ratios) (You may wish to present some GL trends and ratios graphically within DSA, which do not require the special formatting that “real” Financials do.)
  2. Certain multi-fact-table reporting where the blend source needs to include dimension members not included in the main data source. Example:Inventory Projections (Which combines records from Inventory OH, Open SO, Open PO, Sales History, and sometimes additional Sales Projections)
  3. Many-to-many reporting

Many-to-Many relationships

Option 1: create this in a cube, which has special programming to properly handle many-to-many
Option 2: use DSA data blends or special SQL joins. See:


Differences in reporting when using a Cube data source

Calculated Member

Reporting from OLAP cubes does not allow the “Group” function. You can use Calculated Member instead. (Correction: Access from the Dimension panel menu in upper-right corner)

Table Calculations

Table Calculations in DSA are very powerful and flexible.