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Obtaining a copy of DSA Desktop

If you don't have a DSA Desktop demo copy, please contact sales@dataself.com.

Installation Procedure

  1. Install DSA Desktop client. Use the default installation options.
    Unless you are working with very large data sets (not common in our market) the 32 bit version should work fine.
  2. Download this sample database: http://www.dataself.com/files/temp/DsaSalesDetails1403.exe
  3. Move DsaSalesDetails1403.exe to My Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\ .
  4. Run the .exe sample database to extract the ‘Sales Details.tde’ sample file into My Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources.
  5. Double-click ‘Sales Details.tde’.
  6. Click Ok.

DSA Training

Use the videos below to get basic training. You can skip the parts related to connecting to data sources since our system takes care of that. Just focus on the navigation and query techniques. http://www.dataself.com/training/

DSA Demo

To review how DataSelf usually does canned demos, you may watch the following webinar recording. Skip to 22min into it to view the DSA Desktop demo.

The demo uses the sample database found at: http://www.dataself.com/portfolio-items/improving-manufacturers-operations-using-kpis-webinar/?portfolioID=4806

Please contact sales@dataself.com for assistance.