DSA Development Setups

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For internal generic report development:

  1. make a tds of just the essential fields - attributes and measures only, no sets or parameters or objects that depend on them
  2. make a twbx of this
  3. on the Dev box, open the twbx and publish the tds (as ERPName ModuleCode TdsName) Sage 100 SA Sales (just the datasource, not the twb)
  4. open a blank twb and link to the Server data source (or swap it in from another twb, but then be sure to delete any extraneous objects, and check for hidden objects)
  5. develop the twb. You may include sets, parameters, and other calculated objects in the twb.
  6. Do not rename any calculated object in the twb - delete and recreate it instead, so the XML is clean.
  7. make copies and modifications of the twb as needed.
  8. use an XML editor to convert the Server's data source name to just (ModuleCode TdsName) SA Sales (no spaces)
  9. if ERP-specific objects were used in the original tds, use an XML editor to rename those objects (Location -> Warehouse, etc)

There is an xlsx file of the standards of which fields are the base fields to have in OOTB report creation.