DSA Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Standards

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Initial Server Setup Standards

  • Do NOT install sample reports
  • Do set up the Email pages, with someone to receive notifications
  • Set the startup page to Workbooks
  • Use the Default project for examples and templates
  • When publishing workbooks:
    • Show Selections = unchecked (Show Selections retains the selections made in the workbook)
    • Show Sheets as Tabs = unchecked (for better perfomance)

DSA Data Source Standards

_B_ Reporting views

Star-schema views, combining fact tables with dimension data from the C views.

Dimension Members

Get all the Dimension info from the Dimension view. Make the join a FULL join for the major dimensions, so that even a customer/product etc has no transaction records, users can see them in the DSA report. (They will have to include NULL date values, since an "orphan" dimension member will have all the other fields NULL.) For example, Sales data source would include all Customers, Products, and Salespeople (but not Dates).

_C_ Dimension views

Using the C dimension views gives standardized names and content for the dimensions across different B data source views.

Standard abbreviations
  • Cst - Customer
  • Prod - Product
  • Slp - Salesperson
  • ShipTo - ShipTo
  • Inv - Invoice
  • SO - Sales Order Orders
  • PO - Purchase Order Orders
  • Whs - Warehouse
  • Loc - Location
  • No - Number
  • Desc - Desc

Change field names

Change the name in the SQL source view. Otherwise, it tracks the original name in the tds as “hidden” true name.


Worksheet and Dashboard Conventions