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DataSelf Analytics (DSA) is a complete BI solution that includes an in-memory analytics platform from Tableau Software as the main client tool (Tableau regular version as well as a more affordable OEM version), a MS SQL Server data warehouse, an ETL tool (extraction, transformation and loading) and templates that connect that pieces together.

However, in this Wiki, DSA usually only refers to the in-memory analytics platform based on our Tableau OEM client tools.

DSA tutorials

Tableau instructional videos selected for their relevance to DSA users

DSA / Tableau Server Maintenance

How to Remove Unneeded Files

Tableau recommends: As a best practice, you should monitor space usage on your server. If you need to make more space available, you can use the cleanup command to remove Tableau Server log files, temporary files, and unneeded entries in the PostgreSQL database. If you might need older logs for troubleshooting, you should create a log file archive before doing the cleanup.

See: Unneeded Files with tabadmin cleanup

DSA Logging

Reporting Tips and DSA Module Details

DSA and Importing Data from MS Excel and/or MS Access

Data Sources

DSA Advanced Topics

DSA Solutions

DSA Hardware and Software Requirements

DSA Desktop and Server Installation

DSA Quality Assurance (QA) / Testing Phase


DSA Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Standards

DSA Demo Installation


DSA User Interface Types
DSA User Licenses

DSA & Sales Force Integration

Integration of DSA/Tableau with Sales Force is centered around SFDC Canvas feature. Some programming is required.

Articles about DSA, Analytics & Tableau