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DataSelf ETL Introduction

DataSelf ETL simplifies the deployment and maintenance of MS SQL data warehouses. With it, users can avoid the use of SSIS and stored procedures to work with data warehouses. Via user-friendly wizards, users will be able to import tables, create indexes, relationships and formulas in a fairly code-free environment. DataSelf ETL communicates with MS SQL via ADO and SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider.

DataSelf ETL and Data Warehouse Overview 15-min Video

Using the DataSelf ETL Configuration GUI

The ETL Configuration GUI is identified by this icon: DS ETL.png

Under construction: Put image of main window here. Add name of program .exe. / ETL Config GUI

"Site Map" for ETL Related Pages

Built-in & On-line Help

ETL menu bar: Help > Online help

Or see ETL Help file at

Online help page on Importing from Excel Files:

ETL Config Error Messages

ETL Workflows

Procedural / How-to instructions. A good place to start to understand how the various wizards work together. These workflows are a kind of topical table-of-contents for the more detailed sections of documentation.

Workflows on how to:

  • Import a table. Import a table from a source database into the DS data warehouse.
  • Import a table with a filter. Add filter criteria to the imported table.

ETL MetaData Reports

ETL metadata includes information about import mappings, data sources, data warehouse fields, filters, formulas (calculations), summary operations, relationships, and indexes. See Print Metadata and Print All Metadata on the right-click menu of the Browse Table window to generate reports.

ETL Wizards

Wizard sub-menu. From Menu toolbar click Action > Wizard
Wizard Icons from the Icon toolbar (upper left hand corner of ETL window).

See ETL Wizards page for details.

Browse Table window (ALT-T)

Icon for Browse Table window

The Browse Table window is the ETL's default operational window. Many ETL tasks and workflows start from here.

Browse Data windows

Navigation: Double-click on any table name in the Browse Table window.

The so-called "browse data" windows display the data stored in the data warehouse tables listed in the Browse Table window.

Right-click on Browse Table window

Browse Table - Right-click Menu

Right-click on any row in the Browse Table window.




Print Metadata

Navigation: Right-click on a table name in the Browse Table window, click Print Metadata.


Relationship N-1


Printer Refresh Info

Modify Import/Mapping window (Ctrl-I)

Navigation: Right-click on a table name in the Browse Table window, click Modify Import/Mapping.
Modify Import/Mapping invokes a subset of the Import Table Wizard. Used to modify the mappings of existing tables that have already been imported to DataSelf's data warehouse.

Modify Structure window (Ctrl-M)

Navigation: Right-click on a table name in the Browse Table window, click Modify Structure.


Navigation: Right-click on a table name in the Browse Table window, click Delete.
Delete the imported table (the table in the DS data warehouse).

Reindex (CTRL-O)

Re-index table. A subset of the complete Refresh process.

Refresh (CTRL-R)

Navigation: Right-click on a table name in the Browse Table window, click 'Refresh.

Refresh the table currently selected in the Browse Table window. A refresh updates the table in the data warehouse from the source data according to the import mapping specified in the Import Table Wizard.

Refresh all Tables

Recalculate (CTRL-C)

Recalculate formulas. A subset of the complete Refresh process.


May no longer be supported.

ETL Menu Bar (Menu Items)

ETL Menu Bar.jpg

Tools menu (drop-down). This example shows the sub-menu for Back up.

Tools Menu

SQL Server Connection

There is one data warehouse database per ETL project. This menu items opens the SQL Server Connection window which manages the connection to that data warehouse database.

Refresh Report Email Configuration
Back up
Reset Dialog Size and Position
Change User/Password of ODBC

ETL Toolbar Menu (Icons)

Icon toolbar as seen on the upper left corner of the main ETL window.

Most of the icons start the various ETL wizards.

View ETL Log (ALT-E)
View ETL Log icon in toolbar.jpg

See also View ETL Log.

ETL Settings and Configuration

ETL logging, log file settings

ETL Logic ( Logic, Functions and Operators )

NULL_Values - Ceiling, Round

ETL Refresh


Installing or Upgrading the ETL

ETL Installation & TroubleShooting

New ETL Features & Release Notes

ETL Product Registration

Solutions to Common Issues

Multi-company Consolidation

Connecting to/Importing from Excel files

ETL Config Error Messages