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ETL Upgrade Links - ETL Upgrade Installation files

ETL Release 2015.1.300

New Features

  • Table import time-out. If a table import gets stuck, the ETL will time-out that attempt and move on.
  • Improvements to the new installer engine.
  • Auto-adjustment of common collation issues.
  • Improved Open File refresh step.
  • Full support to Windows Server 2012.
  • Support of MS SQL 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014.
  • Table union logging connection issues.
  • Standard DSN for dw: DSDW
  • The ETL moves temp tables instead of insert at the end of a table import.
  • Faster table imports from SQL DSNs: about 80% faster from local SQL, about 30% faster from remote SQL instances.


  • Restore data warehouse automatically upon installation.
  • Connection to SQL with SQL authentication.

Known Issues

  • ETL doesn't refresh cubes.
  • After creating a filter, forces to click ESC to get cursor back.
  • In the Import Table wizard, the Delete Cascade wizard, when canceled, freezes the ETL.
  • When creating an index, if using double-click the "add" arrow will duplicate the index and cause refresh issues/delays.
  • Backup feature replaces " " with "_" in files and folder names.
  • Accumulated Value function doesn't work.
  • Can't modify fields of table SYSTEM_Date.
  • Data truncated isn't logging errors.
  • Ranking filter doesn't work.

ETL Release 2014.2.129

New Features

  • A new Refresh Wizard Refresh Type which allows to run external applications as part of the ETL’s refresh process.
  • The built-in backup procedure will skip locked files, and notify the user about that.
  • Modify Table wizard: When switching between fields with Tab, the ETL marks the whole field name facilitating the renaming of fields.
  • Formula creation supports integers (bigint by default).
  • When importing an Integer from a source table, the ETL will import that field as Int (I10) regardless of the type of the integer in the source.
  • A significantly simplified DataSelf ETL installer will facilitate the solution installation. During the installation process, the installer will automatically apply the latest ETL engine upgrade version as well as properly installing the solution’s templates on disk. This is the first step in a series of improvements targeted to automate the complete solution procedure as much as possible.


  • The ETL installer was replacing the icons and paths to DSA.
  • The ETL was freezing when saving a formula with an IF statement.
  • The ETL was freezing when saving a new formula with an Integer format.
  • The creation of new integer formulas wasn't creating the correct field format.
  • Modify Structure Wizard: When entering a field name, the ETL was validating if there's a duplicated name as the new name was entered. Now the name validation only occurs when the user leaves that field.
  • Creation of new sorts: Sorts were not being created in SQL at the time of sort creation.
  • New indexes would only work for table browsing drill down after the table is refreshed at least once.
  • The ETL no longer freezes when performing remapping of fields that are no longer existent in source tables.
  • If a character field in a source table increased in size and there are records using the additional size, the ETL wasn't reporting an import error due to structural changes.
  • Print preview of table metadata sometimes wasn't working.
  • Print metadata and export to HTML sometimes wasn't working.
  • Sometimes the ETL wasn't retaining the product registration.
  • Tools > backup: The backup would not complete if the ETL was closed before the procedure ends the backup.
  • Removed "Modify Field Structure" menu from dialogs in the ETL.
  • If the ETL has been upgraded, the ETL will only run "Adjust field structure" as needed at the first time there's a table refresh.
  • Adjustments to the Replace with Control (RWC) engine: Control Field selection was unavailable, and tables with over 10 million records could have conflict with the garbage collector preventing new records to be imported.

Known Issues

  • Creation of new indexes sometimes requires to press ESC to finish the creation process.
  • If a character field in a source table increased in size and there are records using the additional size, the ETL will report import error due to structural changes and will freeze if running via dsrefresh.exe.
  • Metadata backup is replacing the spaces in folders and files' names by '_'. Ex.: "Report 1.xls" turns into "Report_1.xls".
  • Print Metadata and export to TXT shows incomplete data.
  • Print Metadata and export to TXT may freeze the ETL. (Esc may clear it.)
  • Print Metadata to all tables and export to HTML may freeze the ETL. (Esc may clear it.)
  • Clean up Refresh Wizard report - it may show ghost information.
  • Table metadata report: fix formatting, file size, add summary at the top of report.
  • Formula wizard: when creating case statements with functions, allow users to build the statement in any order. Today, the user has to enter a field, then the case statement, then the function. If this order is not followed the wizard will put "case" inside of the function instead of outside.
  • Refresh wizard - Job Scheduler: it doesn't accept ranges outside of 1-24 for "occurs every" feature.
  • Table Union should proceed even if one of the tables fails to import, but ETL should report issue.
  • After opening ETL > About, if you click ESC the ETL freezes.
  • Clicking Next in Import Table Wizard - Start does nothing when the Excel file is missing or it contains badly formatted data.
  • During installation, the ETL may not find the MS SQL data folder automatically.
  • When refreshing with Refresh Wizard Open File feature, it always logs failure, even though it worked successfully.
  • Refresh wizard: clicking the UP arrow to reorganize steps orders may blank out the wizard's configuration. Close ETL and restart process to work around it.
  • Upon Import Table Wizard of an existing table, often the ETL requests for a "fields with different sizes. confirm auto tuning". Regardless of the answer to this dialog, the ETL will request that again next time. In this version, it seems this is working for some cases - not all fields.
  • Import of data type of Byte and UniqueIdentifier is not being processed by the ETL.

ETL Release 2013.4.081

Support for more Types of Data Source Connections

Import Table Wizard - Data Source Settings window. This screen shot shows settings for a MS SQL SERVER connection.

In recent releases several new data source connection types have been added to the Import Table Wizard. The data source types recently added are:

  • MS Excel
  • MS Access

Changes have been made to several Import Table Wizard windows and a new window, Import Table Wizard - Data Source Settings, was added.

Modify Structure Window Replaced

The Modify Table wizard was completely redesigned to simplify the process of changing table names, field names, and field data types. The naming scheme for the data types was changed to reflect those used in Microsoft SQL Server. Support for the new integer data types was added. The number of keystrokes required to make changes was cut about %50.

Modify Structure window can change data warehouse table names, field names and their data types.

ETL Supports Integer Data Types

Prior to this release all integer data was written to a fixed decimal point, numeric data type. Integer data types now supported include:

  • Int - 4 byte integer, +2.14 billion to -2.14 billion
  • SmallInt - 2 byte integer; +32,768 to -32,767
  • TinyInt - 1 byte integer; 0 to 255

NOTE: Both the int and numeric data types are exact data types. They store an exact representation of the number; there is no approximation of the stored value.

Refresh Report Email Configuration Improved

Tools > Refresh Report Email Configuration

The Refresh Report Email Configuration window was redesigned to streamline the process. A new Test Configuration Account button was added that sends a test email using the configuration.

Added Protocol Box to FTP Configuration Window

Tools > FTP > FTP Configuration

<under construction>


  • Table Union wizard must remember table name when adding new unions.
  • Improved speed to import Excel files.
  • Improved speed to release cursor after refreshing a table.
  • Improved speed to see list of tables to import.
  • Improved speed to build list of available fields to import.
  • Improved speed to close/shut down the ETL.
  • Table browsing is working again with tables up to 2GB big.
  • Fixed the creation of primary keys.
  • Improved speed and use of disk space by RWC.
  • Find ways to time out SQL Jobs.
  • Failure in formulas pulling table summaries from fields with M size in the source.
  • ETL upgrade could delete relationships using indexes of different formats.
  • Update product icons.
  • Update Splash pictures.

ETL Release 2013.002.10

Import Directly from Excel Files and Access Databases

New connections to Microsoft Excel files and Microsoft Access databases are now available. These new data source types no longer require an external ODBC (DSN) connection. More

Changes were made to several Import Table Wizard windows and a new window, Import Table Wizard - Data Source Settings, was added.

Support of Primary Keys

<under construction>

For older releases see ETL Releases - Known Issues