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Glossary of product names and names of components of DataSelf products and solutions.

See also ETL Glossary.

DataSelf Products

As of late 2017 DataSelf's line up of products include:

DataSelf Product Names
DataSelf Analytics The name of DataSelf's complete solution.
DataSelf Cloud Analytics hybrid and fully-hosted (FH), on cloud analytics solutions.
The portion of the solution hosted in the cloud could range from only the DataSelf Web Server to DataSelf's complete solution.
DataSelf Desktop Tableau OEM Desktop
DataSelf's OEM version of the simarly named module in Tableau Full
DataSelf Web Server Tableau OEM Server
DataSelf's OEM version of the simarly named module in Tableau Full
DataSelf ETL
DataSelf templates Report, Dashboard and KPI Templates. Templates are organized in topical domains such as AP, AR, GL, PO, inventory, Sales Analysis, Sales Orders etc.
DataSelf Automatic Distribution the DSA AD (automatic distribution for DataSelf Web Server) and Excel AD products
Tableau full non-OEM version of Tableau
Tableau retail same as Tableau full


  • DataSelf Data Warehouse   a.k.a.   DS data warehouse, DSA data warehouse
  • FHDW   (Fully Hosted Data Warehouse)   -- the server with domain name

Licensing Terms:

  • DataSelf Analytics Publisher User includes Tableau Desktop OEM and Interactor OEM.
  • DataSelf Analytics Power User includes Tableau Interactor OEM.
  • DataSelf Analytics Viewer User includes Tableau Interactor OEM limiting its capabilities to viewer.
Alternative Names
DataSelf Desktop
DataSelf Analytics Desktop
is Tableau OEM Desktop
DataSelf Web Server
DataSelf Analytics Web Server
is Tableau OEM Server


Acronym for DataSelf Analytics.
Usage: DataSelf Analytics is prefered for formal use.
DataSelf Analytics
A integrated solution providing self-service reporting and analytics.
DataSelf Analytics includes:
  • Back-end components such as the DataSelf ETL, DSA data warehouse
  • Microsoft SQL Server.
  • DataSelf Web Server     (formerly: Dataself Analytics Web Server)
  • DataSelf Desktop           (formerly: Dataself Analytics Web Server)
  • DataSelf Publisher User (includes DataSelf Desktop)   (formerly: Dataself Analytics Publisher)
  • DataSelf Power User
  • DataSelf Viewer User
  • DSA reports and DSA Connectors. These Out-of-the-box components are delivered in DSA Templates.

Data Warehouse Framework

Informal. The combination of DS ETL, DS Data Warehouse and Microsoft SQL Server.

Workbooks and their Components

Definitions should distinguish between Excel Workbooks and Worksheets and those used with Tableau and Tableau OEM products.
One or more worksheets contained in a Workbook.
One or more Views may be contained in a Worksheet
One or more Dashboards may be contained in a Worksheet

DSA Utilities

DataSelf Publishing Utility

DSA AD / DSA Automatic Distribution

Enables the automatic refresh and sharing of the output of Datself Analytics Web Server views (reports and dashboards) with an unlimited number of users via shared folders and/or emails.     For more see: DSA Automatic Distribution.

Excel Spreadsheets & Reports

Often called Excel AD ??.

Servers / Platforms

Back-end Server

The computer platform that hosts DS ETL, DS Data Warehouse and Microsoft SQL Server.

Analytics Server

The computer platform that hosts DSA

General Terminology

Types of Tableau Software: OEM vs. non-OEM Versions

See the DataSelf Products heading above for more information on OEM versions of Tableau software.

DataSelf Solutions

A general term for DataSelf products especially integrated product suites.

Business Systems

A general name for data sources such as the databases from products such as Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX, CRM, GP, NAV, SL), NetSuite, Sage CRM, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage Pro, Sage X3, and Infor CRM, Salesforce (SalesLogix)
List of ERP and CRM business systems supported out-of-the-box by DataSelf.
History and Evolution of Business Systems and business system names:
Sage CRM (Accpac CRM); Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90, MAS 200); Sage CRM (Accpac CRM); Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500), Sage Pro ERP (ACCPAC Pro, SBT), SwiftPage SalesLogix (Sage Saleslogix); GP (Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Integrated Product Suites



Software that is pre-configured to be a fully functional system when first installed.

"A team of business analysts, BI experts and ERP experts would take more than a year to build an equivalent solution that DataSelf BI provides out-of-the-box."





  • As in DSA Automation Module



  • As in Reporting Package