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DEPRECATED: Use ETL_Settings_and_Configuration#Configuring_ETL_Logging instead.

ETL Logs - SQL Commands Logging

Optional log file which shows the commands sent by the ETL to MS SQL server. These commands include: CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, CREATE VIEW, CREATE INDEX, SELECT , etc.

When the SQL logging is turned on then commands sent to the SQL Server during every table Refresh are sent to the SQL Log File LOG_SCRIPT_SQL.SQL .


Format: Text file Saved in: <etl root>/LOG_SCRIPT_SQL.SQL

WHERE <etl root> is the folder containing dataself.exe , metadoc.exe , etc.

Turn On/Off SQL Logging

To turn on SQL logging:

Add a ‘signal’ file named:

<etl root>/.On

(A ‘signal’ file is a file of size 0)

To turn off SQL logging:

Delete the signal file or change it’s name to:

<etl root>/.Off

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