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MS Excel and MS Access Driver for Import Table Wizard

Intro: DataSelf ETL’s Import Table Wizard requires a data connector program (also known as a driver) to create data sources based in MS Excel and MS Access files.

Issue: Without such driver, you may find one of the following behaviors when trying to create a new DataSelf ETL data source for Access or Excel:

  • Error message: The ETL hangs after clicking Finish on the Import Table Wizard during the creation of a new data source using Excel or Access.

Fix: Download and install the 32-bit version of the Excel or Access driver below:

Importing files from MS Office 2010 or older

Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable
NOTE: Be sure to download the 32 bit driver , not the 64-bit version .

Importing files from MS Office 2007 or older 2007 Office Systems

This is optional; the 2010 version should be downwardly compatible. Driver: Data Connectivity Components
You may now open the ETL and create new data sources from Excel and Access files.

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