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ETL Log File

The ETL refresh process writes message records to a log file found at:

( …Program Files (x86)\DataSelf\Dataself ETL\Log xxxxxx.txt)
(Where XXXXXX is the ETL Project name and refresh batch number)


  • The log file may contain messages from previous refresh processes.
  • There is a date-time stamp on every log record.
  • In Notepad use Ctrl-End to show the last line of the log file.
  • You may wish to create a desktop shortcut for each refresh log file.
  • Use the date-time stamps to monitor performance.

Information vs Error Messages

Error messages should contain the word "ERROR" but not always.

Normal informational messages have text that begins with:

dataself - (

Refresh Log vs. ETL GUI Log

The most recent log entries are displayed by DataSelf's ETL program.

View ETL Log icon in toolbar.jpg

Special Log File Settings

Debugging and SQL Server command logging These logging functions are primarily intended for DSA support staff.