ETL Releases - Known Issues

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For more recent releases see DataSelf ETL Release Notes

2009.001.90a (internal testing only)

If a new project is added and opened in the ETL, it creates the refresh job automatically, set to run every half hour.


Increasingly longer refresh times, creeping up evenly

Check the file sizes in the SYS folder. None should be greater than 80 MB.

Reapply the upgrade with the same release number, then run the ETL to trigger Met the doctor to resize and reindex files. The upgrade should already be available in the data self TTL folder.

If you are not familiar with this procedure, please call DataSelf for support. This technical support is covered under the annual software maintenance contract.

version 2010.005.59

Another ETL process is still being closed. Please wait…

This is corrected in the next version. (It is from the new feature that turns off an old refresh process if a new one is trying to start. So that one hung refresh doesn’t continue to stop the show for days until someone notices and ends the process.)

Meanwhile, delete the file: …\DataSelf\DataSelf ETL\ErrorDumps\SDSaver.ON