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Ship To Dimension

By default, the ShipTo dimension links the Invoice Header's Customer Code and ShipTo Code to the ShipTo masterlist, and reports the address found there. However, many ERP's allow a ShipTo address to be manually entered or edited on the invoice header. So the MasterList address may differ from the Invoice's ShipTo for a certain ShipTo Code.

(For invoices with no ShipTo Code specified, the Customer's BillTo address is used.)

Using the ShipTo address from the ShipTo masterlist provides standardization of the address and the ShipTo Name.

For occasional use of the Invoice Header ShipTo address,use the address in the Invoice Details dimension.

One way to permanently change the ShipTo address is to change the data in underlying _B_SalesHeader view:

  1. Open the _B_SalesHeader view (in the SQL DataSelf data warehouse)in Design mode.
  2. Change the ShipTo address sources to the Invoice Header fields. Be sure to maintain the exact spelling of the original [ShipTo XXX] field by using an Alias. (Copy the original field name before changing it, change the field, then Paste in the Alias.)
  3. Save changes to the view.
  4. The changes will appear the next time the Sales extract is refreshed.