Including Dates in Rows

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Controlling Formatting When Adding Date Labels

When adding a specific date label to rows or columns, it can force the display to change, adding graphics and/or rearranging the field locations. Here are options to control this:

Use text dates

Dates in the dimensions are accompanied by a text version of the date that is convenient to add to row details. They can be differentiated by their icons. Since they are not true date fields, they do not trigger a format change.

Change the Format to Discrete

When date fields in rows are changed to certain formats, they change the display type. The display will revert if you reformat the date as Discrete.

(See help discussions on the difference between Continuous and Discrete dimensions.)

Continuous Format
Discrete Format

Custom Formats

You can also add a quarter, month, or day date field to a row by changing it to a Custom date. Be sure to select the first More option, not the second:

Select More > Custom.