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Sales Order and Sales Invoice Kit Lines

Sales Orders and invoices may include kit items with quantities and costs for components. When included in Cost of Goods totals, these inflate the quantity and cost of all sales.

If this is an issue, edit the _B_SA_Sales or _B_SO_SalesOrder SQL views and the tds data sources to include these two fields as the following hierarchy:



KitLineType: Values of Regular Item, Kit, and Component.

ItemAsSoldOrComponent: i.e. the item that is sold to the customer? or its component(s)? With values of As Sold (for Kit and Regular Item) and Component

These fields can be used either to filter out the Components entirely at the view level, or to filter reports at the report level. Or make a SQL formula in the view for the Cost of Goods, Gross Profit, and Qty values such that they are NULL for component lines. Then add Component Qty and Cost measures as a separate measure.