Managing DSA Data Sources

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Best Practices

We recommend creating all new workbooks based on a data source that has been published to DSA Server. This maintains uniformity across the reports that are created on that data source. If a data source object (a calculated measure, a new Group or Sort, etc.) will only be used on a few specialized reports, the object can be created in that workbook and published the server. Other users that wish to utilize these objects can modify the original report and save it as their own. (Or Copy/Paste the object, if they are using DSA Desktop.) However, for these objects to be available to all workbooks, they need to be added to the underlying data source, and the data source republished.

Modifying and republishing the data source is also necessary if the members of a Group (that has been published within a data source) need to be modified across all of the workbooks that utilize that Group.

(Note that Parameters are not saved within an extract created from a DSA data source, and calculated objects utilizing parameter values will not function if they are saved in the extract.)

The following suggests how to manage data sources.

Master Data Source

The master copies of the DSA data source templates are in the DataSelf project folder. (..\Program Files (x86)\DataSelf\DataSelf ETL\Project\ProjectName). Within the project folder (i.e. “Sage300”) is the “DSBI_DSA_MasterDataSources” folder. Follow the following steps to make adjustments to your data source:

  1. Make any changes necessary to the SQL view that supplies this data source.
  2. Open DSA Server on your web browser.