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Key References

Our content on these key MediaWiki user concepts:

MediaWiki Markup Language (How to edit & format wiki pages)

Special Wiki Management Pages

Principles of Wiki Documentation Design

Known Problems with MediaWiki & Work Arounds

"n_var_char" string not allowed (version 1.21.3)
NOTE: The string "n_var_char" represents the one-word command spelled without the underscores.

Wiki cannot process markup containing the string "n_var_char". The string is not allowed even inside <nowiki> tags or in http://www ... strings.

MediaWiki Editors

The Wikitext and WikiEd editor extensions has been installed on this copy of MediaWiki. Wikitext is the same built-in editor used by Wikipedia. WikiEd has additional usefule features including syntax highlighting.

MediaWiki Editors and Editor Extensions


Activating wikiEd

The settings documented in the next section also turn on the WikiEd editor.

Changing WikiEd Settings

Settings for the WikiEd editor are saved in the wiki on the following page. The settings may be maintained using the wiki's editor.

  1. Click on [MediaWiki:Common.js].
  2. Click the Edit tab.
  3. Remove the "//" comment characters on the last two lines or cut and paste in the code below.
  4. Save.

  • These settings can also be used to add new function buttons to the editor.
  • The JavaScript command which activates the wikiEd editor is:
importScriptURI('//' //+ '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');

wikiEd Documentation

wikiEd Help.


New Wiki Features -- Needs, requirements, desired features.