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Information Required to Install DataSelf BI

A checklist of information required in order to install DataSelf BI at a new client site.

Target audience: IT professional, DataSelf BI reseller, computer literate client familiar with installing and configuring enterprise software.

DataSelf BI Solutions to Install

  • DataSelf Reporting Packages we are installing at this time.
    • Prioritized list of DataSelf Reporting Packages, listed in order of installation.

Client Contacts

  • Client Team members.     For team each member please provide name, title/role, email address, phone number(s).
    • Project Manager For each member please provide name, title/role, email address, phone number(s).
    • Project Manager
    • IT support

Technical Information

  • Source company code used by source database as required. Requirement depends upon the business system providing the data extracted by the ETL.
  • Source database location information such as SQL instance, SQL db name.
  • Remote login. User name, password and other information needed for DataSelf professional services to make a remote connection to the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution.
  • Disk drives on which to install DataSelf BI programs and databases.

Client Checklist for Preparing the Host Server

Please prepare the server platform or platforms hosting the DataSelf solution.


  • Setup a admin user for the DataSelf BI solution. A local or domain admin user that will be the SQL "logon" user for SQL services. (Will also be used as "run as" user for DSA Server.)
    • The user requires read access to the source database(s) and admin rights to the Microsoft SQL Server instance hosting the DataSelf data warehouse. (we can add those once we have our SQL user) <<
    • The client does NOT have to tell the installer the password.
    • The user should be dedicated to DataSelf BI so the password will not need to be changed.
  • Give admin user host read access rights to source data. Required to access source database via ODBC or other data connector.
    • Source database user/password as required. Required for Sage 100. In most cases read access is sufficient.
  • SQL administrator rights to Microsoft SQL Server instance where we will install the DataSelf data warehouse.

Other Host Server Configuration

Configure the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution as follows:

  • A web browser (IE Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox) configured to allow file downloads.
  • For Sage 100: do a workstation setup and run to to log onto the target company. This sets up the ODBC driver and the SOTAMAS DSN required for connection to the source database.
  • For other non-Microsoft Excel, non-Access data sources: set up a ODBC driver and DSN to those data sources on the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution. Name the DSN "DS_SourceName".

Good to Have

  • Copy of Microsoft Excel installed. Alternative: Access to a copy on another server on the network.