MediaWiki Editors and Editor Extensions

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Extension:Drafts Not installed yet.

The CustomSidebar extension provides an easy way to customize the sidebar on a per-page basis. You may define the sidebar in-page or reference another page which contains the text. The sidebar text takes the same format as Mediawiki:sidebar, and also supports Templates and Magic words. upload multiple files via the editor including drag&drop works with MsUpload

Editors Considered for Use Later

  • There is a WYSISYG editor that may be released for general use by Wikipedia sometime in 2013 if things go according to plan.
  • The AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) editor seems to have been in use for some time. AWB is a semi-automatic wiki-editor created to edit MediaWiki wikis. Among other things, AWB is designed to perform search & replace instructions upon a list of pages. It also has numerous settings for specifying related actions, such as skipping pages, adding material to the beginning or end of each page, etc.