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Wiki Features

New features desired for wiki software supporting these pages. Requirements and needs for upgrading the current wiki and/or new wiki infrastructure systems.

  1. WISIWYG editor - ability to edit without directly editing the mark-up language
  2. Editing Features
    1. Local Editing
      1. Client based editor
      2. Develop sections of wiki locally (on client computer) and then move them into production.
    2. Universal Find/Replace - replace all links or text in a page, section/book, or entire wiki.
  3. Separate sections of wiki -- sections/books: a collection of pages
    1. Easy to setup new sections/books
    2. Easy to change security settings on sections/books
  4. Versioning
    1. Versioning features similar to Mediawiki
      1. Every edit is a new version -- deltas
      2. Tracks who made every edit
    2. Check-in/check-out for individual pages & sections
  5. Internal Only Pages
  6. Technical / Management
    1. Wizard/GUI for adding & maintain security.
      1. Each page and section can be made available to the public.
    2. Conversion tool from Mediawiki markup to new wiki markup language
    3. Macros
    4. Redirects & alternate names for sub-sections of pages/headings - changing the name of a heading should not break external URL links or internal links. Allow for pages and sections/headings within pages to have more than one name
    5. Visual appearance - configurable
  7. Public User Experience
    1. Searching
      1. Google quality search engine built-in
      2. Search only linked pages / pages in link tree/branch of hyperlinks at or below current page
    2. Indexes & TOC by topic
    3. "Semantic wiki" features?
    4. User customization
      1. For each visitor remember previous pages visited
      2. Configurable home page -- user chooses what they want to see in most-used TOC


Demo of link to document: Moving the DataSelf Solution from Development to Production

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