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Applies only to refresh batches created by DataSelf ETL's Refresh Wizard.

Email configuration that determines where, and if, to send reports of the status of DataSelf ETL's batch refresh operations.

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Email Separator

Use comma (ex:,

"Time-out" (Progress Report after ___ minutes)

Timer for an optional progress report emailed after the specified number of minutes. Not a time-out in the usual meaning. The ETL will send an email notification if the refresh batch has not completed after the specified number of minutes,

Zero minutes means no progress report is sent.

Recommended Setting

At first leave the minute timer set at zero. After a few refreshes you will get to know how much time a refresh usually requires. Since the refresh time will increase over time (your transaction history grows), set Time-out to the current refresh time plus 60 minutes or 1.5 times the current refresh time, whichever is greater.

Examples of Refresh Report Emails

Successful refresh:


Time-out message:


Error/warning message: