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Navigation: ALT-S or click Refresh Wizard icon on icon toolbar or main ETL window.

Defines the table refresh, cube refresh, and other schedulable processes in a refresh batch.

Refresh Wizard - Start window. This example shows the five steps of batch # 0 for the project named ACCPAC. Note that step 3 is not enabled.

Refresh Batch Concept

The Refresh Wizard organizes refresh operations in batches.

  • Each batch contains one or more steps.
    • Each step refreshes one or more tables.
    • Each step can be enabled or disabled independently.
  • Each batch can be scheduled to be run on a periodic basis as SQL Server Agent Job. Click the Properties button to schedule a batch

dsrefresh.exe (Auto Refresh)

Example: Batch number 1 of the ACCPAC project is executed by the Windows operating system (DOS type) command line:

dsrefresh.exe "0" "ACCPAC"
Where "0" refers to batch # 0 and "ACCPAC" refers to the project name.

Batches are often scheduled for automatic refresh using the SQL Server Agent.

Example from SQL Server Management Studio showing step in SQL Server Agent Job that calls dsrefresh.exe with parameters "0" & "ACCPAC"