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  • The main date(s) is outside any hierarchy
  • All dates, except DataRefreshedAsOf are formated as Date (calendar icon), not DateTime (calendar with clock) (except as appropriate)
  • Comment:
DataRefreshedAsOf: Drag this field into the Tooltip button to show the last refresh date/time in the tooltip.

Invoice Date Fields hierarchy

  • For non-obvious abbreviations, name the hierarchy "Opportunity Opp Date Fields" to let the user know what the abbreviation is for
  • The main date is also duplicated, renamed "FullName Dates", and is the first field in its hierarchy
  • Date_1 Fiscal Code (numbered as needed for multiple main dates)
  • XXX Date Rolling Months with comment:
Rolling Months: Use the ‘Rolling Months Key’ as the Filter. 
Use ‘Rolling Months’ in column labels, adding the ‘Rolling   Months Key’ as its sort field, summing as MAX. 
‘Rolling Month Key’ "-1" is the previous 30-day period which ended yesterday.
Consult your DataSelf Analytics provider for rolling weeks, quarters and years. 
  • XXX Date Rolling Months Key
  • XXX Date Today MTD with comment:
Today MTD: Drag to Filter shelf and select "PTD" to filter all months (as of DataRefreshedAsOf date). 
Use date months as the columns. 
(Do not combine with other ToDate type filters.
  • XXX Date Today QTD
  • XXX Date Today YTD

Geography Attributes

  • Make sure all City, State, Country, Zip fields have the globe icon


  • supply default formats as appropriate
  • comments on non-obvious values or calculated measures