Templates Installation

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These instructions assume a DataSelf BI (or DataSelf Analytics) system has already been installed and is working properly (including the connections to data sources and the data warehouse).

  1. Recommendations:
    1. Perform this procedure when no one is accessing the server or its files.
    2. Do a backup of your critical files beforehand and/or after the next step below.
  2. Run DataSelf ETL and perform the following backups:
    1. Data warehouse: Tools > Back up > Data Warehouse Database. This may take a while and may require plenty of free disk space.
    2. Metadata: Tools > Back up > Metadata.
  3. Save the new template file under the DataSelf ETL's Project folder (typically at \Program Files (x86)\DataSelf\DataSelf ETL\Project\).
  4. Optional: Copy and paste the old ETL project folder just to have a handy local backup in case you need to quickly switch back to it.
  5. Extract the new template file. If it's an .exe, just run it. If it's a zip file, be sure the extracted main folder (ProjectName) is under the ..\DataSelf ERL\Project\ folder.