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KB Wiki: TO DO list

'A' Editor / Contribution Management Issues

  • Editor watch service (for changes by other than editor) - A
  • Page Changed reports - A
  • Email notification - B
  • Page reviewed check-off box - A
  • Reflect page reviewed status on page?
  • A-B-C review/tested categories
  • A-B-C review/tested categories - can we make it automatic?
  • Setup users for Lori, Joni, etc al
  • Registration for customers - C

Standard Page Issues

Options/Links at top of page Options/Links at bottom of page Display of last edit date - make more prominent Reset button for hit count Extension to exclude designated users from hit count


  • Standard frameless box with caption for images

Category Issues

  • Sub-categories -- how to set them up
  • Sub-categories -- how to display
  • Sub-categories addons
  • Assign category to every page

Known Pages to Add & Write

  • Wiki writers best practices & standards
  • Wiki feature demo page(s) - support standards


  • Glossary page A
  • Make glossary page a company wide resource
  • populate glossary page with standard names
  • populate glossary page with SEO terms
  • Link/coordinate categories with glossary - techniques??


  • ETL: Info on all supported data types
  • ETL: Primary keys
  • Browse Table window -- identify the columns
  • Formula Wizard -- Workaround for CASE
  • Import Table Wizard - Excel file issues/gotchas
  • Import Table Wizard - SQL Server (test button, etc)
  • Modify Import/Mapping - which column in Browse Table window

Wiki Editors

  • strike-out button

External Editor for mass changes

'A' Trouble Shooting & Workarounds / Major Continuing Project

Integration with


  • Talk pages - how do they work?
  • Train staff?