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== Data Integrity Issues ==
== [[Data Integrity Issues]] ==

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ETL Troubleshooting

(Duplicate - combine with ETL Troubleshooting page)

Top part of ETL is Flashing
DataSelf ETL Refresh Troubleshooting

ETL Install


MSXML Upgrade Required to Export HTML

To export metadata reports in HTML format a upgrade may be required. See (MSXML) upgrade.

ETL Registration

ETL Log File

The ETL writes to a log file found at:

( …Program Files (x86)\DataSelf\Dataself ETL\Log xxxxxx.txt)

(Where XXXXXX is the ETL Project name and refresh batch number)

Turning on the ETL Log File Debug Mode

Turn debug mode on and off for the log file

( …Program Files (x86)\DataSelf\Dataself ETL\Log xxxxxx.txt )

(Where xxxxxx is the ETL Project name and refresh batch number)

by changing the file name in

…Program Files (x86)\DatSelf\Dataself ETL\ErrorDumps\Debugmode.on

toggle the file name between Debugmode.on and Debugmode.off

When DEBUG is ON, the regular Log xxxxxx.txt is NOT written to. Find instead a comprehensive log in the same folder, named Log xxxxxx YYYYMMDD.txt (Same log name, but with a date stamp.) These logs can get large, and may be deleted later to conserve disk space. Be sure to toggle back to Debug.off when the research is completed.

Data Integrity Issues


Copy Sample Project