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A checklist of information required in order to install DataSelf BI at a new client site.

DataSelf Server

  • The DataSelf Server is a Windows Server environment to host the DataSelf server-side software (DataSelf ETL, SQL Server data warehouse and DataSelf Analytics Web Server). This might be a single or multi-server environment.
  • Click DataSelf System Requirements for details.

Remote Connection to DataSelf Server

  • Remote login. User name, password and other information required to make a remote connection to the server platform hosting the DataSelf solution. The Windows user to log on to the DataSelf Server should be an Active Directory user (when applicable) and have:
    • Local administrator right on the DataSelf server.
    • If your are providing MS SQL Server, Sysadmin role in the MS SQL Server instance to host DataSelf's data warehouse.
    • Reading rights from all source databases.

Service Account to Run Windows Services

Create a service account (a new dedicated user) for running DataSelf Analytics software components. This dedicated user will only be used by Windows' services (such as SQL Server and SQL Agent Windows services), not by a "real person":

  • It is easiest to work with a domain user (a local Windows user can be used, but it might have limited access to read data from other servers).
  • This user should have Windows Local Administrator rights.
  • This user's password should be set to "Password never expires". If the client assists in setting up the following logons, the client does NOT have to tell the installer the password.

During or after the installation of the DataSelf Analytics software components, the dedicated user needs to be added to the following:

  • As the SQL Server Agent service logon user
  • As the SQL Server service logon user
  • When SSAS Cube reporting will be used: as the SQL Server Analysis Services logon user
  • As MS SQL user with sysadmin role for the DataSelf data warehouse
  • Network and reading rights to any source data that will need to be automatically refreshed
  • The run as user for Tableau/DSA Web Server in its Configuration utility
  • Optional: also consider using it as the email user for Tableau/DSA Web Server in its Configuration utility, if in-house email credentials are being used

If You're Providing MS SQL Server to Host the DataSelf Data Warehouse

Please provide the SQL Server instance name to installation team. Also, grant the Windows users discussed above sysadmin role on this MS SQL instance.

Importing Data from Source Databases

Please provide the information below according to your source database(s):

  • MS SQL Server: 1. SQL Instance name, 2. database name, 3. set the users described above to have reading rights from that database(s).
  • MS Excel: 1. Excel file name and path, 2. set the users described above to have reading rights from that path.
  • MS Access: 1. MS Access file name and file path, 2. set the users described above to have reading rights from that path.
  • Providex: 1. 32-bit ODBC driver (by running the Workstation Setup for Sage 100 using our remote access Windows user), 2. database directory, 3. company code, 4. Username, 5. password.
  • Other ODBC: 1. 32-bit ODBC driver, 2 other information and credentials required to read data from the data source.

Access to Port 80 and no IIS

DSA Web Server works best on a dedicated box that doesn't have IIS or other applications using port 80. Read Internet Information Services (IIS) for further details.

Other Host Server Configuration

  • A web browser (IE Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox) configured to allow file downloads.

Good to Have

Configuration not required but recommended.

  • Copy of Microsoft Excel installed. Alternative: Access to a copy on another server on the network.

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