MAS 90 or 200

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AR Invoice History Header/Detail

Kit line items

Import fields AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExplodedKitItem

Add the following fields to _F_SalesLine :

CASE WHEN ExplodedKitItem = ‘Y’ THEN ‘Kit’ WHEN ExplodedKitItem = ‘C’ THEN ‘Component’ ELSE ‘Regular Item’ END AS KitLineType

And use these values to make a Kit Line Type dimension (probably with default for As Sold records)


May want to change QtySold and/or AmtCostofSales for Components to zero, and/or make a ComponentsQtySold measure.

Sales Order Lines

Import both ExplodedKitItem and SaleskitLineKey.

CASE WHEN ExplodedKitItem = ‘Y’ THEN ‘Kit’ WHEN SalesKitLineKey > ‘000000’ THEN ‘Component’ ELSE ‘Regular Item’ END

ver 4.5 in SQL

SY0 table changes to a new location, and has all companies in one. So have to import once and make it static (or filter for each company).