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== [[MS Excel|Microsoft Excel]] ==
== [[MS Excel|Microsoft Excel]] ==
=== [[Excel as a Data Source]] ===
==== [[Excel Reporting]] ====
==== [[Excel Reporting]] ====

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DataSelf Corporation home page: http://dataself.com/

DataSelf Analytics (DSA, Tableau)     DS Analytics.png

dataselfBI.com - DataSelf's cloud server (secure, managed BI hosting service): www.dataselfbi.com

DSA Training Videos
New Features in DSA 8.1
DSA Reporting Packages
DSA Automatic Distribution Module (New)


DataSelf BI

DSA BI Components

DataSelf BI Templates

Installation and Trouble-shooting

Installing or updating DataSelf ETL, templates, data warehouse modules or DSA

DataSelf ETL - Using the ETL Configuration GUI & ETL Refresh engine   DS ETL.png

Configure the ETL, Refresh, using dsrefresh.exe, Import from Excel Files, Import from ODBC data sources & databases.

On-line Help
Using the ETL Configuration GUI ETL windows, Menus, Wizards, solutions etc
Workflows & How-to
DataSelf ETL Glossary
ETL Refresh Process   (Help, troubleshooting)
Software Installation & Installation TroubleShooting
New ETL Features/Upgrades/Release Notes
Latest ETL version is 2014.2.129

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
SQL Server Agent/Job Scheduler
MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

SQL Express (new)


Reporting & Analysis Tools

DataSelf Analytics (DSA)
Microsoft Excel
Excel Automation - Excel Reporting and Distribution Module

Microsoft Excel

Excel as a Data Source

Excel Reporting

Excel Automation - Excel Reporting and Distribution Module

Microsoft Windows & Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Press Free book: Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals

Microsoft Task Scheduler

For clients with SQL Server we recommend using SQL Server Agent/Job Scheduler instead.

Microsoft PowerShell

Scripting language for Windows administration tasks.


The wiki system that powers this knowledge base.

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