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DataSelf Knowledge Base


DataSelf Analytics (DSA, Tableau)

DataSelf's cloud server (secure, managed BI hosting service): [2]

DataSelf ETL- Using the ETL engine

Refresh, dsrefresh.exe, Import from Excel Files, Import from ODBC data sources & databases


Microsoft Excel

Excel Reporting

DataSelf Modules

GL etc

Installation and Trouble-shooting

DataSelf BI

DataSelf BI Templates

Tips for specific data sources

Firewall Issues

NULLs in DataSelf's Out-of-the-box Data Warehouse Designs

Microsoft SQL Server

= Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

 ** OLAP Cube Reporting
 ** OLAP Cube Development

SQL Server Agent/Job Scheduler

Reporting & Analysis Tools


DataSelf Corporation home page:



Remote Access

Training Materials