ODBC Connection Problems

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ODBC Connection Problems

ODBC Connection was working recently

ODBC connections rely on a number of factors that can fail during an overnight refresh. Common causes of ODBC connection failures include:

  • The internal network failed or was otherwise unavailable at the scheduled time of refresh.
  • The Source Database was unavailable at the time of the scheduled refresh. The source database's database management system software may not have been running.

Test: Is the ODBC connection working now?

To test the ODBC connection:

  1. Start the ETL.
  2. Select a small table from the Browse Table window.
  3. Ctrl-R to refresh the single table.
  4. Observe the status messages and error message if any.

ODBC Data Source Administrator

  1. Windows > SysWOW64 > odbcad32.exe
  • We recommend making this a shortcut, Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start Menu.