Preparing the Host Server: CheckList

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Client Checklist for Preparing the Host Server

A checklist of the required configuration of the computer server platform or platforms hosting the DataSelf BI solution.

Target audience: IT professional, DataSelf BI reseller, computer literate client familiar with installing and configuring enterprise software.


Dedicated Windows User

  • Setup a user dedicated to running services for the DataSelf Analytics solution components. This user will only be used by services, not by a "real person". It is easiest to make it a local or domain admin user. It needs rights that allow it to run the SQL Server Agent Job automated refreshes, including access to source data. The user should be dedicated to DataSelf Analytics, so the password will not need to be changed. If the client will set up the following, the client does NOT have to tell the installer the password.

During or after the installation of the DataSelf Analytics software components, the dedicated user needs to be added to the following:

    • the SQL "logon" user for SQL services, particularly SQL Server Agent service
    • sysadmin rights to the DataSelf data warehouse
    • network and reading rights to source data (for some data sources, such as Sage 100, this will include adding the user to the Sage 100 program, and the ODBC DSN.)
    • the "run as" user for DSA Server in the Configuration utility

Microsoft SQL Server Security

  • SQL administrator rights to Microsoft SQL Server instance for the DataSelf data warehouse.

Other Host Server Configuration

Configure the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution as follows:

  • A web browser (IE Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox) configured to allow file downloads.
  • For Sage 100: do a workstation setup and run to to log onto the target company. This sets up the ODBC driver and the SOTAMAS DSN required for connection to the source database.
  • For other non-Microsoft Excel, non-Access data sources: set up a ODBC driver and DSN to those data sources on the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution. Name the DSN "DS_SourceName".

Good to Have

Configuration not required but recommended.

  • Copy of Microsoft Excel installed. Alternative: Access to a copy on another server on the network.