Preparing the Host Server: CheckList

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Client Checklist for Preparing the Host Server

A checklist of the required configuration of the computer server platform or platforms hosting the DataSelf BI solution.

Target audience: IT professional, DataSelf BI reseller, computer literate client familiar with installing and configuring enterprise software.


Windows User Security

  • Setup a admin user for the DataSelf BI solution. A local or domain admin user that will be the SQL "logon" user for SQL services. (Will also be used as "run as" user for DSA Server.)

Source Database Security

  • Give admin user host server read access rights to source data. Required to access source database via ODBC or other data connector.
    • The user requires read access to the source database(s) and admin rights to the Microsoft SQL Server instance hosting the DataSelf data warehouse.
    • The client does NOT have to tell the installer the password.
  • Source database user/password as required. Required for Sage 100. In most cases read access is sufficient.

Microsoft SQL Server Security

  • SQL administrator rights to Microsoft SQL Server instance for the DataSelf data warehouse.

Other Host Server Configuration

Configure the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution as follows:

  • A web browser (IE Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox) configured to allow file downloads.
  • For Sage 100: do a workstation setup and run to to log onto the target company. This sets up the ODBC driver and the SOTAMAS DSN required for connection to the source database.
  • For other non-Microsoft Excel, non-Access data sources: set up a ODBC driver and DSN to those data sources on the server platform hosting the DataSelf BI solution. Name the DSN "DS_SourceName".

Good to Have

Configuration not required but recommended.

  • Copy of Microsoft Excel installed. Alternative: Access to a copy on another server on the network.