Sage 100 Implementation

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Manually refresh the SY_Company table once. (It will not be included in the nightly refresh.) Then in the last panel of the Import Wizard, check "Disable data import".

Open the SQL view and delete any unused companies' records. If this is multi-company, change the _SY_CompanyKey values to match the ones being supplied in the TableId (see Multi-Company below). These values will be the key fields to link the Company dimension to the other data tables.


Make a DSN to every company's data source. It is suggested that the DSN be named DS_SAGE100_XXX where XXX is the same code used as the TableId value in the Import Table > Table Union wizard.

For each table in the ETL that is to be multi-company, in the Import Table Wizard, in the Finish panel, use the Table Union button to add the same table from each company. Be sure to make the records unique by adding the appropriate TableId.